Real Life. My Music
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  • Mon-Fri:  1:00am-8:00pm   Sat: 10:00am-2:00pm   Sun:  Closed
Support Real Life. My Music.

Providing quality arts programming since 2012.

Real Life. My Music. has been offering classes since 2012 and it is through donations, grants, and sponsorships that our students have never had to pay for a class. The support of the Detroit community has allowed us to sustain programming over the past 4 years; we are greatly appreciative of our donors.






Joining our community of donors? There are three types of donations you can make:


PayPal General Giving: This is our quickest method of donating, simply click the "PayPal 1-Click Donation" button and enter in the amount you wish to donate along with your payment information. One click and you're done.

Programming Specific Giving: The Program Specific method allows you to donate to a specific class or need. For example, you can specify whether your donation is used for the dance class, art class, or music class.

In-Kind Donations: Have musical instruments that need a new home? Art supplies taking up space in the attic? RLMM accepts all types of art and music materials.