Real Life. My Music
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Lena Pernell
Lena Pernell

Founder/Executive Director

Lena Pernell is a graduate of Bowling Green State University where she majored in Visual Communication Technology with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. It was in 2009 that Lena found her love for service and the nonprofit industry and founded Real Life. My Music. With a slight learning curve and many sleepless nights, Lena produced a successful organization with a staff of dedicated volunteers.

“When I moved back to Detroit after college in 2008, I realized that the city had changed drastically due to the economy. Reading about how the city’s budget cuts hit education the hardest gravely concerned me. Through further inquiry I discovered that fine arts programs and extracurricular activities were the first to be eliminated from the schools. In 2009, I founded Real Life. My Music. because I wanted to start something that provided the children of Detroit an afterschool safe-haven that emphasized fine arts because it was no longer a part of their general educational curriculum. I believe that music education is the best way help the youth of Detroit because it offers them an outlet as well as a recreational way to develop important skills that are beneficial to every aspect of their lives.”